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To promote and protect the Small Industries in Coimbatore District. To take all steps to protect and promote the general interests of the persons engaged in Small Industries in Coimbatore District.
To create and encourage a fellow feeling and co-operation among the manufacturers and consumers in Small Industries in Coimbatore District and to evolve a common policy on all subjects involving their common interest.
To consider and formulate opinions upon all matters connected with the Small Industries in Coimbatore District.
To collect, classify and circulate statistics and other information relating to commercial interests in general and Small Industries in particular.
To promote beneficial and other measures relating to the Small Industries and thus obtain by all acknowledged means the readdress as far as possible of grievances of the Industrialists in Small Industries.
To communicate with and make representations to authorities and Chamber of Commerce and other Mercantile and Public Associations throughout the world and concert and promote measures for the protection and furtherance of the Small Industries and the common good of the persons engaged therein.